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The rising cost of college may have contributed to the stress as 98% of the respondents said financial aid would be necessary to pay for college and 65% deemed it "Extremely Necessary."Another factor that popped back into people's minds this year -- campus safety.It's unfortunate that this is an issue (like tuition costs), but since it's not as prominent (and we hope it stays that way) we've compiled a list of what we believe are 2017's safest.It was the first university in the country to offer a gender-neutral housing option.A for-profit college located in unincorporated Orange County, Full Sail University offers programs in film, audio, design, business, and computer animation.The “Nebraska method” of ecological study was developed here, pioneering grassland ecology and the foundation for research in theoretical ecology.Their football team has won 46 conference championships and five national championships.According to The Princeton Review's 2017 , anxiety levels about college admissions are up this year.76% of respondents reported high levels of stress— 4% more than last year's survey respondents -- and 20% more than in the survey's initial year, 2003.

Weighing these variables have always made choosing a college a stressful decision, but this year it's been especially difficult.Students have earned more than 50 Rhodes, Marshall, Truman and other prestigious national academic scholarships over just the past decade."Pittsburgh has been rebounding economically for years, becoming a startup and robotics hub, as well as a testing ground for driverless cars.University of Pittsburgh students are in prime position to take advantage of this, and there are 28,649 of them enrolled at the university.Top-ranked colleges boast low overall crime rates (off campus) and maintain safe campuses with little or no crime.Those that did not have crime information listed were excluded.

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